La Grange des Filles


The wine
“La Grange des Filles” enjoy this very feminine rosé wine ...
We have put all our know-how into creating this wine, giving it the most beautiful
concentration of elegance, lightness, finesse and character that women could inspire.
We have thus used all our expertise and passion in creating "La Grange des Filles," a wine
that we wanted to be original, and for which each bottle symbolizes the diversity of
flavors and complexity of this wine. We, the five founders of this project - cellar master,
winemaker, ambassador of wines, sommelier and oenologist - are pleased to be able to
share with you today the beautiful story of this rosé wine which is so feminine and so
unique ...We therefore invite you into the barn…
Enjoy the wine!
Semi pebbly soil.
direct pressing.
Grenache noir
Alcohol content: 12.5 ABV


To be served at 11/12°C.
Tasting notes
A pale color with salmon hints and a delicate nose of strawberry and English candy. After a lively attack, the mouth is rounded and develops citrus fruits aromas (lemon, mandarin).
Food and wine pairings
Appetizer, salads, starters, fruit pies.

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