DEMAZET VIGNOBLES, AOP Côtes-du-Rhône, Croix Valong, 2018


The wine
This special cuvée is produced using grapes from specific parcels of land held by four different growers. Production is limited to 30 Hl/Ha. The parcels are visited every ten days from early July until harvest time in order to verify a number of criteria concerning the balance of the fruit. Legend has it that a rich landowner was extremely jealous of the neighbouring Papal vineyard, which was bordered by standing stones carrying the papal key insignia. The landowner thus marked the boundaries of his own property, situated between two valleys, with high stone crosses. Whilst no trace of these markers remains, we have chosen this name for our latest and most special selection; winning multiple awards, the wine is itself becoming something of a legend.
Semi pebbly soil.
Long vating during 30 days. Partly vinified in oak barrels.
Grenache noir
Alcohol content: 13.5 ABV


to be served at 15/16°C
Tasting notes
Robe: deep red. Bouquet: jammy fruit, truffle and brushwood scents. Palate: soft spice notes (vanilla and cinnamon), supported by generous, full-bodied tannins.
Food and wine pairings
game birds, marinated meat, soft cheeses.

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