Domaine du Camp Revès


The wine
Unusually for a co-operative, we are able to offer an estate-specific wine. Fruit harvested by Mr Faure from his estate is kept separate from the rest of the grapes, from collection to vinification.The estate is situated on the same terroir as Châteauneuf du Pape, 8 kilometres from the cellars, and features a distinctive layer of pebbles around the vines. This feature gives a particular character and warmth to the wines. The first vintage bottled was 1996 (red); at this point, part of the vineyard was granted the Côtes du Rhône Villages designation. In provençal, camp-revès means "the field on the other side"; the estate is thus named due to its location on the furthest outskirts of the village, jutting into the territory of neighbouring villages.
Quartz pebbles.
Traditional vinification with long maceration.
Technical specifications
Alcohol content: 15% % vol.

Tasting advices

To be served at 15/16°C
Tasting notes
Robe: garnet. Bouquet: complex, dominated by toasted aromas (mocha, toast), with underlying spice notes (pepper). Palate: a powerful attack is followed by silky tannins and a lingering spicy note.
Food pairing
marinated meats, game (wild boar, deer), strong cheeses.