Seigneur du Ventoux


The wine
At the time of "feudal wars“, trade is flourishing throughout Western Europe. The region benefits from its location on the road between Italy and Spain, as well as from the river traffic in the Rhone Valley. The craftsmen and wine merchant guilds grew and settled at the bottom of Rocher des Doms (the highest point of the city of Avignon). Nobles and knights, who grew richer, gain therefore importance. The famous Pont d'Avignon contributes to increase the flow of goods through the city. Commercial and cosmopolitan, Avignon is then one of the most powerful cities in the South of France. Our range “Seigneur Du Rhône" is a tribute to the lords and knights of the Middle Ages, who promoted the wines of the Rhone Valley throughout their travels and expeditions.
The harvest is destemmed . After fermentation, it is aged 6 to 9 months in vats.
Alcohol content: 13 % vol.


To be served at 15/16°C
Tasting notes
Garnet color with violet hints, limpid and brilliant. Expressive nose with fruity and spicy aromas. Lively, unctuous, structured palate with hints of red fruits and dried fruits.
Food pairing
Delicatessen, grilled meats

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